Skills School

We welcome you to the Ludza Craftsmen’s Centre, at Talavijas Street 27a, to work together to learn new skills in crafts, supplement your knowledge and most importantly, spend time with friends, enjoy engaging in interesting activities and create a jovial atmosphere. Plus, gain a new hobby!

On the third Saturday of each month after the Green Market, the Ludza Craftsmen’s Centre invites you to the „Suprâdkas“ room. Suprâdkas, a long history in Latgale, is the term used to designate the tradition of spending long autumn and winter evenings working together to create necessary household items, and practical things for individual use. During the so-called „Suprâdkâs“ tradition, skills in crafts were not only transferred to the children, but participants also taught each other new skills, the use of unusual colors and patterns of composition, the use of new materials. In addition, while working, they discussed the news, told old events, and shared stories about life and work.

In November of 2009, for four Saturdays, the Ludza Craftsmen‘s Centre participated in the project "Traditional Skills School in 2009," organized by the State Agency of Intangible Cultural Heritage and involving artisans from more than 20 Latvian districts and cities. The activities included smoking fish, preparing sausages, baking, jewelry making, singing, and telling folk tales.

The “Skills School“ project at Ludza Craftsmen’s Centre attracted a great number of interested participants, who enthusiastically studied flax rope twisting, the ancient Latgalian craft of peasant shoe-binding, weaving, Latgalian belt and pin making, old-fashioned knitting with 1 needle, wax candle casting and basket making. We would like to teach tailoring, pottery, smithery, jewelry making, flax processing and the secrets of wool preparation into colorful threads, as well as sock and gloves knitting skills. Finally, we would like to teach the secrets of traditional Latgalian food and drink preparation.

We plan to continue the “Skills School“ tradition in 2010, involving families with children, including several days of activities . From 6 of September till 16 of September we  organizing the Workshop “Ancient Latgalian Crafts” for 14 members from 6 country from Europa. NGO „Ludzas Amatnieks” invites all interested in acquire practical skills in ancient crafts to take part in the Workshop „Ancient Latgalian Crafts”. The aim of the Workshop is to assist adults increase their knowledge about ancient crafts and traditions in Latgale region, Latvia, by organising practical craft workshops in Ludza town. Workshop organisers are interested in participation of EU citizens from different countries, because it is foreseen that they will exchange information on ancient and modern crafts in their countries of origin. The Workshop will include practical acquaintance with such crafts as making flax ropes, ceramics, knitting with a bone needle, blacksmith work, candle making and basketry (7 days). In addition the participants will see the way of life in one of the most remote places of the EU, by the border with Russia. The Workshop will be organised by professional craftsmen with teaching experience.

On the last day of the Workshop the participants will visit some craftsmen’s workshops in Latgale Region.
Participants will acquire theoretical knowledge and practical skills in ancient Latgalian crafts and will receive the certificate. The Workshop within the limit stipulated in the Financial provisions of the Lifelong Learning Programme Guide 2010.

More information to follow!

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