Contact Information:

"Ludzas amatnieku centrs" Inc., and
“Ludzas amatnieks” Association
Tâlavijas 27a, Ludza, Latvija, LV-5701
Telephone: +371 65707203,
Cellular phone: +371 29467925, +371 29123749
Fax: +371 65707202

Ludza Craftsmen’s Centre and the association, Ludza’s Craftsman,
work in very close partnership. We occupy one home and have similar objectives. We work together on a daily basis. Jointly we celebrate holidays, organize fairs, put together events featuring the many different Latgalian crafts and traditions, the most prominent of which are the Great Latgalian Fair, the tourist route “Zalta rűku ceďđ” (The Way of Golden Hands), craftsmanship schools, and Latgalian handicraft bazaars. But most importantly, we warmly and hospitably welcome guests with an interest in crafts and folk traditions to Ludza Craftsmen’s Centre.

Our mission is to promote skills in ancient Latgalian craftsmanship, to conserve craft traditions, to enhance their prestige in society and to offer local residents and tourists the opportunity to discover Latgalian wisdom through the work of craftsmen and artists, thus nurturing the Latgalian identity and traditions.

The association, representing more than 100 county artisans, offers tourists an opportunity to examine ancient tools in the “Suprâdkas” room, and also the opportunity to watch and participate in ceramics, tailoring, weaving and other time-honored craft workshops. In the Centre’s salon, one can view, purchase or order works or souvenirs made by the county’s local artists

An exclusive chance to purchase or order:
Archaeological Latgalian folk costumes
- Latvian ethnographic folk costumes from every county
- Modern flax products with an ethnographic focus, ceramics, “peternes” (traditional Latgalian shoes), baskets and many other handmade items..

We regularly organize seasonal and “green” markets
We offer group tours and craft workshops at the Centre (which last from 1 to 3 hours, depending on the workshop).

Excursions can be organized through Ludza’s Tourism Information Centre
Telephone:. 6 5707203, 29467925,
fax: 6 5707202

You are warmly welcome to Ludza Craftsmen’s Centre!!!

Tâlavijas 27a, Ludza, LV-5701, Latvia,
65707203, 29467925,